Housing First Solutions

Housing is a complex issue that needs multi-pronged solutions. When elected, I will tackle the issue immediately by doing the following:

  1. Divert housing resources from 80-120 AMI to 30-0 AMI

  2. Invest in opening a city-owned and operated 24 hour shelter with wraparound resources and 24 housing hotline—we have the properties to do this, we need the leadership

  3. Consolidate Denver's Road Home, homeless services and affordable housing development into one department

  4. Rather than send police to homelessness people, initiate and deploy a triage mobile service of social worker instead to pipeline homeless into services 

  5. Provide public lockers outside city service buildings for homeless people to store belongings while they work or search for work

  6. Provide public mobile restrooms and public trash receptacles 

  7. Expand employment of the homeless with connected pipelines to housing

  8. Zoning code reform to allow and expand housing co-operatives, tiny homes, micro-units

  9. Adaptive re-use of vacant hospital and school facilities for dormitory-style transitional housing and service provision

  10. Taxation of hotels, AirBnB, vacant units, property flipping sales to fund solutions

  11. Increase linkage fee with a proportionate burden on large-scale developments

Candi CdeBaca